Between Unworthiness and Grandeur

November 06, 2013  •  1 Comment

Two of the three images here were taken last January.  A return to the desert last week prompted me to look at some older images to see if there was anything with potential.  As usual, there was.  I have over 30,000 images in my Lightroom catalogue now and that's after offloading over 10.000 that I knew were played out.  They live, sequestered, in a dark and dank sector of an offline disk drive, waiting for their Vivian Meier moment.  

What prompted this blog entry (other that the guilt of not having a recent blog entry) was the thought that I have enough grist for my editing mill to last a year or more.  If I did not take another picture until 2015 I wager I could find enough work in my current catalogue to keep me happy and content for that full year.  Okay, Happy and Content may be stretching it.  But I do believe that for many, many images I, like Prometheus, could bring life to what now lies dormant.

It would mean working on images I now consider tired, trite or uninspired; but on the plus side I could also run that gamut of the editing spectrum from god-awful HDR to high-key to Holga all on the same defenseless image!  What a treat!   It would be the editing analogy to using a prime lens for a day of shooting, forcing me to find creative ways to bring each image a robustness that it has lacked while gathering dust for the last 5 years. 



Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
I like the curves and lines and how you arranged them and made them work in all three of these images. Sorry that I ruined the first one, but maybe I am able to provide a sense of scale that way for your audience. :)

And, needless to say, I share the feelings about the "backlog"... though I must say that, after waiting for just one year, it's a whole lot easier to delete 70% of it, and re-evaluate whats left (to then delete some more). I just wish I could get myself to do that more often...
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