I haven't given up on color completely...

June 19, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Mt. Palomar, California ... but I need to focus and have decided to center that focus on black and white landscape.  I've also started to make a conscious effort on minimalism in my compositions.  The above not being a prime example of that.  Having just breezed through Michael Kenna's beautiful 20 year retrospective I have a new-found appreciation for the minimal landscape.  

I had a difficult time ridding myself of all my color images and ended up devoting a gallery to color.  It's in the website's gallery drop-down menu .  In some ways it's a sign of non-commital, yet on the other hand it's my way of showing that I can still make a color image. In a third way it shows that I just can't get off the damn fence.  

What this blog may turn in to is my search for an artistic center.  


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