Mornings in Monochrome

September 11, 2013  •  1 Comment

I spent the morning, a few mornings actually, on what is known as Hospitals Reef, Hospital Point, Hospitals Point and probably a few names I haven't heard yet.  It's a beautiful spot for long exposure morning photography. Looking at the images, once home, you can imagine this is a space without a human presence.  Something you can only wish for while there. The horizon is hypnotic, water lapping the sea-worn rocks is calming; there is comfort here. 

In the morning it's quiet, solitary and the skies are overcast with a morning marine layer that will last until 10am or so.  And, the ocean goes on forever.  You cannot stand here and comprehend all that lies beyond.  Clear of the horizon, beyond imagination, is the promise of the unfamiliar. The horizon forms a firm, endless edge where the sky abruptly halts and the timeless Pacific begins.  Persons more intrepid than I have launched themselves from this shore, allowing their curiosity to take them.  


Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
Beautiful series of images, and beautiful words, Joe... in addition to being a photographer, you're also a poet!
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