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A Little Street Music

August 07, 2018
A 5 minute video of some urban cityscapes. It's the time of year in San Diego when one's eye turns to the urban landscape as the traditional landscapes lack any interesti...
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Pentti Sammallahti of Finland - affordable art

July 31, 2018
Not to beat a dead horse but I found this interesting and hopeful. In The Economist: Pentti Sammallahti, Finland's top photographer sets affordable prices for his art....
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Acoustic Grace - The Singer/Songwriter

July 27, 2018
Singer/Songwriters In a recent blog post my friend Doc Hubbard listed 10 albums of music that had an influence on him. I made a comment or two and it was suggested that...
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A simple mental exercise

July 24, 2018
My post about the Brooks Jensen essay generated some thoughts by my friend and fellow photographer Alex Kunz. His final comment woke me from my nap and put me in another...
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Fine Art and the Philosophy of the Producer

July 18, 2018
Personification of 1871 by Paul Cabet - Musee d'Orsay, Paris Recently I read an editorial in Lenswork Magazine by its editor/publisher Brooks Jensen. In it he gently ran...
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