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March 30, 2014  •  1 Comment

Took a long, my-feet-are-wet-and-cold hike with Alex and Jim last Thursday.  We went to Santa Ysabel East, a new place for me and one I hope to soon return to.  New places tend to generate a lot of photos and this was no exception.  That, and the heavy clouds rolling through the 4,000+ foot elevation made for a great day of shooting.  Between here and a short stop on Wynola Road I took over 170 pictures.  A nice bag of images to come home with but then disappointment sets in when only 4-6 are "worthy."  I know that over the next year and even after that I'll be coming back to this collection and finding new ways to twist and turn these files into what I felt while I was there.  The above image does that, it's one of the few times I have rendered from raw bits and bytes what I saw while I was there.  Not the reality but how I envisioned it, I feel I got it right.  

There is also the problem of having over 150 GREEN images to deal with.  After looking at green for hours and days I lose my ability to see the envisioned image in all those shades of GREEN. You'd think that after spending so many hours shooting and processing desert pictures from Anza-Borrego that I'd be sick of brown and would love to bathe in green for a while.  I did…for a while.  Now I can't look at green meadows and mentally or emotionally compose anything at all.  It's like I've lost my ability to do green.  

So, they'll patiently wait for me to de-sensitize to green and to also figure out how to pull from the raw file the image I saw while there.  Green meadows, trees, fields don't easily transit to B&W.  At least I haven't found the secret to doing so.  That may be part of my inability to move on the remaining images.  I tried to see them in B&W while taking the photo but now can't convert the low contrast greens to the nice, smooth tones of a beautiful monochrome image.  The remedy may be TIme, just need some time and distance.  So for now I'll go look for something brown or blue, and wait. 



Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
170?! And I thought with >70, I was having a rather aimless day. ;) What I've seen so far from you is lovely, and come on... it's wasn't THAT green!
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