My World is Curved

August 26, 2014  •  1 Comment

If you remember from the last episode our hero was suffering the angst of the edit and floundering with how to arrive at an artistic vision.  He was also four fingers into a bottle of Scotch which did much to amplify the angst and floundering.  But, today is a new day so...

I took a long walk in Hollenbeck Canyon early this morning; lots of thinking about the vision thing.  

I needed operational definitions of Subject, Vision, and Style.  So I came up with the following:
Subject - Pretty self explanatory, the subject is the central character of the image.  The role it plays in Vision is how it occupies its environment.  
Style - How the Subject is presented.  Supports the Vision in the look and emotional content of the image.
Vision - How I wish to reflect the world through imagery, subject, and style. 

Five word description of my vision:
   The color of my world is low-key

   The subjects in my world are solitary

   The shape of my world is curved

   The tones of my world are contemplative

   The textures of my world are natural

Do I feel any better for having done this?  Sure, some.  Will I violate every tenant just outlined; most certainly.  But what this does do is give me some direction and focus.  It's also a first draft so further work is both necessary and natural. This is not a Cease-and-Desist order against taking pretty pictures of bright and perky flowers or postcard shots of Balboa Park, it's merely an emotional catalogue of what compels me to make a photographic image.  During my next culling of the herd I'll reflect on these thoughts and the wounded, weak and woeful will be more easily recognized and thinned-out. 


Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
Man, you're so good at this, I envy you. I wouldn't even be able to pick the correct five words (maybe I should try it in German first)...
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