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In a Rural Space

October 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

In a Rural SpaceIn a Rural Space

Why? What's worth stopping for? And backing up 50 yards get a second look?  I've seen this feeder a dozen times under clear skies and bright sun, but it is in the soft light of a fog shrouded morning that it makes sense. In these conditions it reveals its unique and interesting shape and color.  No more background distractions, no harsh reflective light, just an interesting shape with a hastily painted, fading coat of tomato red.

As I drove down Mesa Granda Road and passed it by I gave it but an instant's thought and kept driving. But then, as I so often do, I had to remind myself that I may not get this shot again, and if it was interesting enough to notice it may be interesting enough to photograph.  Still, I thought so little of it I didn't even get out of the car to make the photograph and then only made a single frame.  As I took the image my mind still saw the boring metal structure but something deeper must have seen the interesting colors and angular shapes set against a soft, blank canvas.  Sometimes you just need to stop the car, back up, and consider. 


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