JWSmith Photography | Pt. Loma Sea Cave and the Walk of Death

Pt. Loma Sea Cave and the Walk of Death

February 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

On the way to the sea caves we came across this stranded seal pup who apparently stayed too long in the pool while the tide receded. He was barking for his mom who was 50' below in the Pacific looking up the cliff face. I could stand at the edge and see mom but since I don't speak seal I wasn't much help in relaying messages.  Once the tide rose and reclaimed that portion of the ledge I figure he made it back to mom.

I hate this ledge.  Nancy Bailey took this pic of Greg, Fred and I on our way back from the sea cave.  I look to be quite casual strolling along the cliff face with death just 50' below.  Luckily she caught me just as the cliff wall opened up enough to walk normally; just two steps earlier I was clinging to the cliff wall and scooting along sideways, tripod in one hand and a large chunk of the cliff wall in the other.  I've seen people walk along this ledge as if they were in the middle of a major road, not me. 

The death-defying walk along the cliff face takes you to a place well worth the trip.

Sea Cave WindowSea Cave Window


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