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Marinating in the Image

March 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I took this image on a trip to Cedar Creek with Alex Kunz nearly two weeks ago.  It's an amazing spot and we had wonderfully overcast skies that made for deep, rich colors.  And! we were alone with this scene for nearly 2 hours! Unbelievable.  

I've found that my approach to post-processing an image is to let the RAW file marinate a while before I go to work.  Sometimes it's only overnight, sometimes, like this one, it approaches 2 weeks. I used to just dive in and have something on-line an hour after getting home.  I don't do that nearly as often now, and I really don't know why but I think there is value in allowing for time and space to surround an image, allowing it to marinate in my imagination.  I think I see elements and details in a scene that I didn't at first blush.  There is an excitement on returning home from a discovery like this and then there is the unsettling disappointment upon seeing that the camera didn't capture the emotional high that I felt while standing there.  So, maybe that's it.  Maybe I have to 'come down' from the trip and see the image anew.  GrottoGrotto


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