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The Great Reorganization Continues

June 20, 2016  •  1 Comment

    Well, never completely satisfied, I've reorganized my website galleries, again.  I have moved away from location based galleries and into subject based.  I've also separated color from monochrome and I think that may be the best of the changes.  Seeing color mixed with B&W is distracting.  Now there are four galleries for color and four for monochrome - Land, Sea, Desert, Trees.  I've also done the painful editing of each gallery to 25 images, down from 40.  Continually pruning the tree is good as it forces me to evaluate and re-evaluate the images.  I suppose you could even cull the herd to 10 but, well, no.  No thanks.  Twenty-five will do.  Though, it could be a fun experiment to slash the herd again and again until a lone image stands defiantly in each gallery.  Perhaps design a single elimination tournament. ESPN may even air it.  Just imagine..
    I may have cheated a bit in that I've also built project galleries for subjects I continue to be drawn to and hope to continue examining and improving.  This allowed me to pull images from the main galleries and open space for some previously benched to return to the game.  The most recent of these is Firmest Firma, the rocks of Joshua Tree, as the last few visits to JTNP have resulted in pics of boulders and rocks vice the usual Dr. Suess inspired foliage. 
    Another allowance I made for including more images is to exercise my Moses-like powers and separate the Colorado Plateau from "The Desert" (quiver, geographers, quiver).  Those images have been included with "The Land."  It was just easier this way and allowed for a broader range of pictures since half of the landscapes I shoot are in the desert southwest regions.  Whenever I do things like that I feel as though I've broken some unwritten rule of taxonomy.  I have to remind myself there are no rules, other than those I impose.  
    I believe I can stay within the 25 limit.  For every new image I want to include, I have to bump one of the incumbents. That won't be easy.  It wasn't that easy with a 40-image gallery, it'll be that much tougher with a 25. 
    This whole idea of editing down to bare-bones came to me while viewing some extraordinary galleries of pro and semi-pro photographers.  The ones that impressed me the most were only displaying a dozen or so images that were their very best.   I won't go that far as I'm not looking for clients but I did like the 'less is more' look to their sites.  By cropping a gallery that tightly it allows the viewer's mind to subconsciously travel beyond the gallery's frame and imagine that everything beyond must be as incredible as what's before them.  Even though in my case it's just a steep drop-off into a murky chasm. 

The Firmest Firma

SteadfastSteadfastJoshua Tree National Park, California


Gale Geno(non-registered)
Only thing better than your photos are your written thoughts. Oh, how I've missed reading them ! I remember thirsting for everything you composed - no matter what the subject.
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