JWSmith Photography | San Diego Central Library

San Diego Central Library

June 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Paid a visit to San Diego Central Library this morning, first visit since its re-birth in the east village area.  It's a beautiful building inside and out. Lots of windows providing natural light and an abundance of photographic opportunities.   While there I was able to see the Shakespeare First Folio encased in climate controlled plexiglass(?) and watched over by a uniformed guard on the 9th floor.  Opened to Hamlet's soliloquy I stifled the impulse to read it aloud as an Olivier knock-off.  I was a bit surprised it was in book form (thick, thick book form) thinking that a folio is a collection of unbound sheets.  Either way it was a nice piece of history and art. 

Inner Geometry from the escalator casing

First three of the nine floors 

Has a bit of a mall look to it here

The Stacks

The Reading Room with high ceiling and windows three stories high

Street level reading nooks

Quiet places to study

Close-up of the cage-like structure that forms the dome atop the building


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