Sunday on Harbor Drive

October 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I feel the need to point my camera at something and have nowhere special to go I'll usually find myself along San Diego's Harbor Drive.  The October weather has been unfit for landscape photography but at the right time of day is suitable for B&W urban scenery.  Hence, the drive to Harbor Drive with Katherine and cameras as company.  The length of our walk was dictated by the parking meter.  Yesterday we were granted 3 hours which easily affords the distance from the Star of India to Embarcadero North.  It was a Sunday so the tourists were out in full tourism-energized force.  The Disney cruise line "Discovery" (I think it was Discovery) had just docked and drained itself of a thousand or so camera-toting, slow-walking, daypack-laden tourists.  This wasn't the easy morning stroll we hoped for.  Nonetheless, we did see things, some worth noting.

Men Aloft
Men AloftMen AloftSan Diego, California
Secured SecuredSecuredSan Diego, California
Washing the Mouse Cleaning the MouseCleaning the MouseSan Diego, California
One Right Shoe (I avoided the "Baby needs a new pair...", you should too) 
1 Right Shoe1 Right ShoeSan Diego, California
Read Anywhere
ReaderReaderSan Diego, California
Katherine on a Cleat Katherine on CleatKatherine on CleatSan Diego, California

BuskerBuskerSan Diego, California
F-18F-18San Diego, California
A busload of Chinese Tourists unloaded by the statue replicating Eisenstadt's famous VJ-Day photograph so we just sat back and watched. 
Chinese TouristsChinese TouristsSan Diego, California TourismTourismSan Diego, California

She seemed so happy to be part of Bob Hope's audience.   Another FanAnother FanSan Diego, California

The remains of the fishing boat Norton Sound that burned for 2-3 days before firefighters could put it out.  Now, it seems to be a tourist attraction.  Our own Pt. Reyes.  Without a SoundWithout a SoundSan Diego, California

Reaching Embarcadero North we came upon a car club show with lots of heavy American muscle from the 30's to today.  I wish I knew it was there so I could have planned to take some more thoughtful and composed photographs.  As it was, I just snapped some quickies and moved on; the parking meter demands attention.  3232San Diego, California


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