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August 01, 2017  •  2 Comments

I was introduced to Fan Ho on Ted Forbes' Art of Photography YouTube channel and though it didn't strike me then, lately I've been more and more interested in artful urban photography.  So, I found Fan Ho's books and ordered Hong Kong Yesterday from his publisher in San Francisco, Modern Book. This volume has his most iconic image on the cover, Approaching Shadow, from 1954.  I really love Hong Kong Yesterday and have returned to it often, almost as a meditative exercise. All images are sepia toned, not overly large but beautifully lit and composed and printed well on high-quality stock. They reveal disparate sides of Hong Kong life; from slums to waterfront harbors to what was then modern city life.  

I've since bought his volume The Living Theater which has many more wonderful images from those days, none of which are duplicated between volumes.  If you enjoy artful urban photography and have become tired of the harsh B&W images from modern day street photographers then have a look at the contemplative, gentler side with Fan Ho. 

Fan Ho died in 2016, in San Jose, leaving behind a treasure trove of imagery from 50s-60s Hong Kong.  


JWSmith Photography
I got them from Modern Books in San Francisco but after reading your e-mail I went to their website and they don’t even carry photo books anymore. I did a google search and Amazon has them listed as out of print and unavailable. My suggestion is to try some used book sites ( for instance). Good luck, their both beautiful editions.
Sri V(non-registered)
Where do you find books by Fan Ho? I drew a blank.
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