First Lines

November 08, 2018  •  6 Comments

I do a lot of personal books via Blurb and thought I'd do a project based on the first line of a popular song's lyrics using photos I've made that resemble that line.  All will be Rock & Roll songs. 
Here's one that came to mind while on a walk yesterday.  Without help from the Internet can you name the song? 

The Screen Door Slams



Cedric Canard(non-registered)
Great idea for a series Joe, or should I say Bruce ;)
I like this photo. It is wonderfully abstract with nice textural and colourful elements. I'm imagining the radio playing and Mary dancing :)
As I said, great idea for a series..
JWSmith Photography
All comments for this blog post have to be authorized by me before they appear. I did this so no one would post an answer and ruin it for others. If you know then tell me and I’ll post when other (if any others) have commented.
I cheated and looked it up. Now I know (or think I know) the answer. I know "an answer". I won't give it away of course but I will say that it's a lyric that doesn't come to mind when I think of that song so it is definitely a bit obscure. I will also confirm it is definitely rock and roll as you had said it would be.

I will also be interested to see if anyone is able to come up with it. I've heard that song a lot (if it is indeed the song I looked up on the internet) and its a lyric that's there, but it doesn't "stick" with you (or at least with me) as being a lyric that you would remember from that song. Other lyrics are more well known.
Now that everyone is confused, I will sit back and watch the guesses come in.

Great photo BYW. I like the colors and the textures . It makes me really curious to know what is on the other side of the door. But I'm afraid that I might be disappointed if I were to open the door and find out what is on the other side. Though I could be pleasantly surprised as well. Better to leave it shut for now. Perhaps one day you will reveal what is on the other side of the door in a future blog posting and that will keep me following with interest.
Is the song, Who Do You Love? by Elias McDaniel a/k/a "Bo Diddley"
JWSmith Photography
Hey Tracy,
I really like Blurb more than when I first started using them. I try to get the highest grade papers (Premium Lustre or Matte) and have been happy with both. Most of my stuff is B&W but I’m happy with the color they’ve printed also. The only complaint I have is that twice now, for larger books (13” wide) the papers have had a light ripple at the edges. I think it’s because they print and package so fast the paper may not dry completely and thus looks warped. I complained about it and they sent me a replacement (twice! for one book) so their customer service is great. I just got an 8x10 book and no such warping is present so it may be just the larger papers. I put the latest 13” book pressed between some others and they flatten out just fine. Other than that I’m very happy with them. If you want to see what they can do I can let you borrow my copies.

I use Lightroom to create the books as I don’t do anything fancy, just straightforward photo pages with some text and titles. If you want more they have an app also.
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