First Lines - IV

November 29, 2018  •  2 Comments

Edition 4 of First Lines.  The caption is the first line of a popular R&R song.  Have a guess in the comments.  I'll hold all comments for a day or two so you don't see correct, or incorrect, attempts.  From a mostly acoustic group from a mostly revolutionary time. 

DepartingDepartingBalboa Park, San Diego, California I came upon a child of God


Cedric Canard(non-registered)
Ok, I am stumped again on the song, but let me say that the picture, combined with the title, is really powerful. I could happily talk about the tones, the light, the composition and all that, (which is all spot on by the way), but that would be selling this work short. There is so much symbolism packed into what is otherwise a simple image that I am transfixed by it. This man, in the winter of his life, walking fearlessly and purposefully past a church door deep in shadows, towards a finish line cast here as another shadow, perhaps created by the very same church. Shadows which by their very existence, imply the presence of light beyond. Brilliant.
A hat tip to you Joe, for this inspired work.
The song is Woodstock written by Joni Mitchell. Of all the versions of the song, I like her version the least although I am a fan and do like Joni Mitchell songs. The most well known versions are by Crosby Stills, Nash & Young (which is what you were alluding to in your hint) but I will always associate the song with the band Matthews Southern Comfort who I think did a much richer, more melodic classic version. The band (which by then was a duo) America also did a nice job of covering the song in their later years.

I like the irony of photo along with the caption showing the Old Man walking by the Church as a "Child" of God
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