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Shiprock - Hi-KeyShiprock - Hi-KeyShiprock, New Mexico Shiprock, New Mexico

I guess you have to go, at least once, and that may be it for me, just the once.  Shiprock has become something of an icon in NW New Mexico.  I suppose it's much the doing of the Instagram crowd.  Like most of this trip I was there at a bad time.  That road you see fronting the volcanic fin was too muddy for travel.  I guess the Subaru could have made it but I wasn't about to chance it.  It was pretty lonely out there.  
I went with a hi-key look for this image.  There are so, so many standard images of Shiprock out there that I needed something different, a look I'd not seen as often and the snow and clear skies helped.  Shiprock really needs weather to bring out its best. 
This capture is more for documenting the visit than any attempt at artistry.  It was stop #2 on my winter road trip; on my way to Farmington for the night with plans for Bisti Badlands the next morning.  


Todd Henson(non-registered)
The hi-key treatment works well for this image. Like JC, I didn't know about this location or formation, so thanks for sharing.
I didn't know about this rock. Thanks for documenting and I will add it to my bucket list of things to see. Enjoying your continuing voyages of the Starship Subaru. :)
I really like the high key nature of this.
Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
That's most certainly better than anything I got from the location. The snow works really well but ya... wouldn't want to drive on that dirt road closer to the rock in those conditions. :-)
I like the hi-key treatment, especially with the snow. It probably was a good decision on not trying that road. :-) Beautifully captured image.
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