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Once again

April 06, 2018  •  1 Comment

Well, I've done it once more.  I've reorganized my web site to suit some wandering notion I have of just what my vision entails and how to present it.  We're back to monochrome again, Yep.  Keep your travel shoes nearby because I'll no doubt turn hard left or veer right in the coming months and you'll get to experience my doubts and confusion once more.  I'm pretty much an omnivore when it comes to photography and when all that variation is presented together it seems too much like that dusty drawer of seldom used items we all have in our homes (mine is in the kitchen).  
I've stripped the site of iconic vistas or sites and focused on things not normally seen but utter a creative and pleasing form to my eyes.  I hope you'll enjoy the stroll. 


Monte Stevens(non-registered)
I'll follow along with the changes, whether it's a hard right or left.
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