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Pacific Crest Trail - Another Stretch Complete

April 04, 2018  •  2 Comments

Yesterday Katherine and I did an 8.2 mile stretch of the PCT starting where it crosses CA S-22 (San Felipe Rd) and heading north to the Cal Fire station in Warner Springs on Hwy 79.  We had to take two cars which is the problem with linear trails; a nice loop would have been easier logistically.  We left Katherine's car on S-22 and hiked north to mine at Hwy 79.  I'm not sure yet how much of San Diego County's portion of the PCT can be accomplished in a two-car, day hike fashion like this.  At some point we'll have to spend the night on the trail but for now doing day hikes is just fine.   In 2015 we did a two night, 25.5 mile section in the Laguna Mountain area (from Pioneer Mail to Scissors Crossing), described here.  I know that from the southern terminus in Campo it's a 20 mile hike to Lake Morena (which is the closest spot we could park a car) and probably doable in a very long day but spending the night on the trail would be more fun.  We'll see. 
Being early April we came across 2 solo thru-hikers northbound to Canada.  I imagine if we hiked southward we would have crossed paths with more as the normal route for them is south-to-north. 
Just as we hit the trail I thought to download the AllTrails app to map our progress and act as a log for further PCT hikes.  The green dot in the middle is the iconic and highly visited Eagle Rock where we stopped for lunch.  All-in-All it's a pretty easy hike being fairly flat and very well marked. 

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Monte Stevens(non-registered)
My knees and back just don't allow me to take the hikes I would like. So, I must have those who can show and tell me what they saw and experienced.
Nice photos of your PCT adventures! Looks like a beautiful section of the trail.
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