JWSmith Photography | Paso Robles - 2018

Paso Robles - 2018

April 25, 2018  •  1 Comment

Had a nice week in Paso Robles, CA.  Got some cycling miles in my legs, broke my tripod ball-head, got maybe a dozen decent photographs, bought some wine, port, olive oil and balsamic from a few favorite spots and all-in-all had a good time. 

Gallery is right ----> HERE!

Vineyard SunriseVineyard SunrisePaso Robles, California


Todd Henson(non-registered)
It's always nice when you can combine this many pleasant things (minus the broken ball-head) into a single trip. I like the collection of images you created. Lately I've been pulled most often to black & white imagery, but in this case my two favorites are color images. I love the composition and colors of Vineyard Sunrise (the photo above), with the sloping vineyard in one direction and the background hills sloping the other, along with the two trees. And placing the sun behind the tree works really well. And I really enjoy Oak in Oak Arch for the beautiful framing of the trees, the patterns of the branches, the color, and the hilly rows of vines converging on the farthest tree.
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