JWSmith Photography | PCT Section - Desert View to Pioneer Mail

PCT Section - Desert View to Pioneer Mail

May 14, 2018  •  1 Comment

Yesterday, a long Mother's Day hike with Katherine and Kristin.  We completed another small stretch of the PCT starting at the Desert View Picnic Area and finishing up, tired and hungry, at Pioneer Mail, a 10.7 mile hike.  By ending at Pioneer Mail we connected this hike with a 25 mile, 3-day hike we did in 2015 and now have a contiguous 35-mile stretch in the books.  The map below shows the route, a pretty simple one.  I somehow stopped the mapping app at the 8.4 mile mark but Kristin was running one of her own and confirmed the final mileage at 10.7.  So, the green dot at the north end of the map, next to Sunrise Highway, is our terminus. The black dot in the middle is the desert overlook across the street from the now burned down Foster's Lodge.  We stopped for a quick bite to eat. 

There's a signpost up ahead! 

Fellow Traveler - Gopher Snake sunning
A once thriving manzanita Illustrating the rain shadow effect; cool clouds from the coast roll over the western edge of the Anza-Borrego Desert and drop their moisture in the higher elevations, leaving a rain shadow of little to nothing for the desert below. 
A section of bramble as foreground for the rolling clouds and desert beyond Bramble on the PCTBramble on the PCTMt Laguna, California
In the early miles we had shaded paths and cool temps

A Lord's Candle lights the way for Kris

Anza-Borrego Desert from the Pacific Crest Trail high in the Laguna Mountains


A great idea doing sections of the PCT. Nice to see the scenery through your photos; quite varied for this day's hike.
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