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A Little Street Music

August 07, 2018  •  2 Comments

A 5 minute video of some urban cityscapes.  It's the time of year in San Diego when one's eye turns to the urban landscape as the traditional landscapes lack any interesting skies and the light is overly harsh and unforgiving.  Plus, it's damn hot out! 

This should play well full screen, just click on the bottom right 'full screen' icon once it begins.


Street MusicA Little Street Music Music: Phil Larson, Licensed from EnvatoMarket


Cedric Canard(non-registered)
Excellent set of photographs Joe. Some of the photos had a film look to them, a mix of 120 and 35mm. Maybe they were. And that last photo! What a banger! Nice show to end my day with. Thanks for sharing.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
Well done, Joe! I really enjoyed that. Urban cityscapes and street photography are not something I feel I'm particularly good at, but when done well it can be a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing, and for inspiring.
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