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September 09, 2018  •  5 Comments

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Drive east from the coast and nestled between the blue Pacific and Anza-Borrego Desert, often unnoticed, rests San Diego's rural East County. Our backyard is the playground of many due to its mountains, open spaces, hiking trails and nature preserves. And, in the cooler months it becomes a photographer's canvas as clouds form and those once clear blue skies disappear for a time and allow us to capture a landscape that changes daily.  Fence lines, barbed wire, wind-blown meadows, cloudscapes; the abundant decay of old things, the abandoned cars, dead trees and the occasional rusty tractor all populate our eastern edge. 
In my continuing struggle to organize my images I've created an East County gallery.  You can find it here: East County


Derek (100 Peaks)(non-registered)
As you likely know, this is my favorite part of the county. I find myself out there as much as I can. I love how the timbre of beauty changes from season to season.
JWSmith Photography
Hi Monte,
Thank you for your comments on my post. It took me a while to grow a favorable impression of the landscape in San Diego County. Coming from the verdant east coast I wondered often if there was any foliage taller than knee high! And where’s the greenery! But, over the years I’ve come to love the ‘brownery’ and the chaparral, the desert, and low lying grasslands in our exceptional backyard.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Excellent gallery! Looks like a place I would enjoy visiting with my camera.

There are some who think this type of terrain is not attractive. I, however, like this wide open space. When we take our time and wander through it we find all sorts of wonderful scenes.
JWSmith Photography
Hey! Thanks for the nice comments, Todd. Very much appreciated. Living here we have to grab all those atmospheric conditions in a 3-4 month window. They don’t last long. Building this gallery has made me anxious for the late fall, early winter when hopefully we’ll get some storms or at least some angry clouds. Sometimes the monsoons kick up nicely in October so maybe something then.

Hope all’s well back there, keep Florence at bay!

Todd Henson(non-registered)
Very strong gallery, Joe. I was going to mention the specific photos that most stood out to me, but their numbers kept growing the more I looked. Some have fascinating tonal ranges that really draw my eye. Others have very clean and simple compositions, something I find refreshing. I like the drama you're able to create from weather and other atmospheric conditions. And then there are the scenes I realize I wouldn't have seen, which is unfortunate because you've shown they can make great images. Again, very nice work!
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