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It is not my intent to do a city-by-city tour of our European trip and I'll stop here if that's okay.  Amsterdam was both difficult and thoroughly enjoyable. Difficult in that it rained quite a bit and due to inner-city hotel costs and our desire to maintain something close to a reasonable budget we stayed on the outer edge and took light rail to its center each morning. Enjoyable in that it's a beautiful city, full of people and bicycles and people on bicycles and canals and bicycles in canals. It was my favorite for photography. We did a canal tour with Those Dam Boat Guys on a rain chilled day which turned into a personal tour because none of the other passengers showed up (yeah, we're tough. Wet and tough).  Our boat pilot, Adam (comedian in 'real' life), enshrouded us in industrial strength ponchos and off we went for an hour or so of history and comedy on the canals of Amsterdam. It's odd what snippets you remember from these little tours: Amsterdam pulls around 17,000 bikes from the canals each year. 17,000! Plus, a half-dozen bodies, mostly male, many with zippers down having fallen in whilst drunk and expelling the latest beer. They just took one step too far from the bar. 

After I made the reservations for Amsterdam I discovered it's the world's second most impacted city by tourism, second only behind Venice and you've no doubt heard the unfortunate stories of tourism's impact there.  I would love to go back but I'm not sure I would.   There is information here if you want to understand the impacts and how tourism can be more sustainable:  Sustainable Tourism

Free ParkingFree ParkingAmsterdam, Nederlands

Wet, Cold, Miserable; looking for a composition


Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
I'm not surprised that Amsterdam was your favorite to photograph. :-) I remember it fondly from my sole visit in April 2008. So many sights, details, so much oddities, artwork, culture...

Too bad that the weather didn't cooperate, but that photo of you in the rain jacket... xD
Todd Henson(non-registered)
I've never been to Amsterdam, though we did stay for several days in Maastricht on the southern tip of the country. I enjoy your photos and words for their ability to take me to parts of the country I've not seen. And I know your vision lets you see things I'd easily overlook. I have to say, though, my favorite of these images is the last. Sometimes weather just doesn't cooperate. I'm glad to hear you did get some enjoyment out of the area, just the same.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
I've never been there but I do know how the weather can sure change how we experience a place. I have found it interesting how people adjust to their world whether they live in the Pacific Northwest, Phoenix or Wisconsin. What we may consider unusual may be the norm for them.
Sorry to hear the weather was so poor for your visit to this city. Weather does make a big difference on one's experience of a new place but well done on braving the elements and not letting it dampen your experience. I've spent a fair bit of time in Amsterdam and liked it very much. Interestingly, I don't recall ever experiencing rain beyond the odd shower. Of course, it was many years ago so my memory could be somewhat faulty. Being based in London at the time, I do remember Amsterdam as a relatively quiet and uncrowded city though that sounds like it's changed a bit.
Earl Moore(non-registered)
The wife and I visited Amsterdam in 2011 and found it to be fascinating but even then over-visited. But we were there over a week-end and most of the massive foot traffic we experienced was young college-age adults arriving in waves via train from other points in Europe. We were staying near the train station and to say the least they partied all night! Would I go back? Yes, definitely to the Netherlands with perhaps only an additional day or two in Amsterdam. The scenes captured so well in your photos brought back good memories.
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