The Martin's Barn - Guildhall, VT

October 12, 2019  •  5 Comments

Martin's FarmMartin's FarmGuildhall, Vermont Beauty and the Beast

It is both rewarding and at times surprising when what you envision at a scene actually comes to life. For this set I had to sit back and allow the images and my expectations for them to marinate a while, simmer a bit in their juices, and then stir.  

Today I stirred.

The photographs are of Martin's Farm in Guildhall, Vermont.  The Martin's are Katherine's longtime family friends who have some property in Guildhall that is being refurbished.  The house being refurbished was of no interest, especially when I had this magnificent barn to explore.  The clean, white door, unhinged and propped up against a beam, stood out like a pearl, anxious to be photographed against the weathered browns and slate grays of the barn. 

I'm always on the lookout for places like this but rarely find them and when I do I fail to execute the vision.  I think I got it this round.  These have all been printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper and look splendid.  Print your work! 

Vermont BarnVermont BarnGuildhall, Vermont
The White Door

Barn DoorBarn DoorGuildhall, Vermont
Barn Door

Wndow VIews

The Beast's Maw


Monte Stevens(non-registered)
I think the barn is where you needed to focus,even though I know nothing about what the house looks like. And, a yes on the black and white.
Great imagery! I can imagine Tom Joad's family passing through, working the fields a bit and living in the barn. Beat up pickup truck out back. Sleeping bags in the barn. A few stray chickens here and there.

Agree with Jim, you should write more ... you have a talent matching words to images. Happy Halloweeen!
Todd Henson(non-registered)
Perhaps the nearness of Halloween is influencing me, but Jim's comment of spooky and surreal fits perfectly, as I see the white door in the last photo (The Beast's Maw) as a tombstone standing up amongst the graves of the cemetary within the old barn. :-)

I really like the one titled Barn Door. It has a more whimsical feel, and it's just fascinating seeing the door inside the building.

Great collection, Joe.
Jim Sullivan(non-registered)
Joe the way you describe the photos leads me to believe you should get into literature as well. Great images of an era gone by. Somewhat spooky and surreal.
Peter Tellone(non-registered)
You got it!
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