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December 15, 2019  •  4 Comments

Station #6Station #6Imperial Beach, California
Station #6
Imperial Beach, California

My friend and fellow photographer Peter Tellone posted an exceptional video today of his 2019 Photos in Review  and it reminded me that it's that time of year again.  I have not even begun to filter through the over 400 images I've ranked as 5-Star.  Ansel Adams said that a crop of 12 excellent images is a good year. Based on my 400 I guess Ansel was just an underachiever.  Those mighty 400 will quickly be whittled down to 30 or so over the next few weeks and then, more painfully, the count will be hacked and whacked and clubbed until it's at twelve. By the time I'm down to 50 I'll realize (once again as it's a yearly self-realization) that I awarded high marks to lots of substandard work, crap really. 

Stay tuned, it'll be early January before I have my twelve ready for company.  In the meantime grab a cup of coffee and watch Peter's video, it'll put a smile on your face. 


If Ansel is an underachiever, I am not sure what that makes me. Admittedly, it doesn't help if, as in this past year, I shoot less than 12 shots to start with :)

Peter has the right idea though, why go through the angst of selecting the 12 best when you have so many good ones to start with? Show them all, I reckon. And while on the subject of good ones, I do like the one accompanying this post. Lifesavers' Beach Stations have always been one of my favourite subjects. You obviously got up early for this one :)
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Yes, compared to you "Ansel was just an underachiever." I will be waiting for your 12 images.
Peter Tellone(non-registered)
Thanks so much for the mention Joe. I was hoping by just showing everything I wouldn't have to pick 12. But..I guess I do....sigh...lol
Thanks for sharing Peter's video. Always a hard thing to do at the end of the year - narrowing down which are in that crop Adams mentions. I still enjoy doing it though, it is nice to reflect on what you accomplished and compare to other years for better or worse.
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