Taco Tuesday

December 03, 2019  •  6 Comments

Well it happened.  The Mexican Fiesta is gone.  Destined to be another empty space that people walk by and wonder what used to be there.  They'll be certain something was there, and they'll say, "Geez, I know something was there but damn if I can remember what it was."  Unintentionally, this may be the only set of historical photos I have.  
Regarding the title, I'm not sure how far Taco Tuesday extends beyond southern California but for us it's a long standing tradition to have a taco on this otherwise unadorned weekday. And, the alliteration helps. Tonight I'll make turkey tacos since we seem to have an abundance of turkey in the fridge.  

Mexican FiestaMexican Fiesta


Well, the circle of life does not discriminate, even good restaurants are included.

That first photo, the one that will immortalise the Mexican Fiesta restaurant, is excellent Joe. Perfectly executed in every aspect.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
I wasn't familiar with Taco Tuesday, but I like the sound of it. Hope you enjoyed the turkey tacos. It's always a sad day when a favorite restaurant disappears, especially one that's become a landmark of sorts. Seems so often the replacements are more generic chains. Regarding the historical photos aspect, this is yet another reminder to always try to take the time to create the photograph now instead of thinking we can come back and do it later.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
My dad was just talking about this over the Thanksgiving week. When we live in one area most of your 60-70 years we see so many changes. What is sad for me is when some landscape scene becomes a new housing development or shopping mall. Just losing an old barn hurts me.
Well it doesn't look like they decided what to do with the space as you wondered in your earlier post. I think it will end up as more parking lot but I could be wrong and another little trendy place could open up there.

Seems like all the trendy food comes from your area of the country Southern California. I brought home some "San Diego style" fish tacos from Taco Bus last night as yes they were discounted due to it being Taco Tuesday. We have a lot of Taco Tuesday vendors in Tampa Bay area.

Food trucks seem to be the new trend. You would think the food truck prices would be lower than a restaurant since they don't have to provide and clean tables, restrooms, utilities etc. However this does not seem to be the case.

The food trucks (and tiny temporary trailer stands) are predominantly owned by Hispanic immigrants who either think their cooking skills surpass Bobby Flay or Emeril Lagasse or the customer base is millennials who blindly charge it on their Apple watches so they price things quite high. Food truck lunch in Tampa (a sandwich + fries or a bowl of rice and meat) is often $9-15 and the food is often average at best. The carry out chains and small restaurants offer lunch at $5-10 so the food trucks are not a bargain. Taco Bus is an exception ($24 for 6 tacos and 3 elotes on Taco Tuesday) and has grown to many locations throughout Tampa Bay.

The other hot trend here is new restaurants serving Hawaiian Poke Bowls. During the past year we have had 5 new Poke places open (I just looked it up on Yelp) in the University area where I work. We also have the Boba Tea stores popping up which have also opened 4 new ones in the last year or so in the University area though 1 shop already closed. Boba Tea runs $7-11 depending on what you get. You can also get Bubba Tea (Southern Sweet tea at any restaurant for $2 a cup.
I never knew of Mexican Fiesta, but your photo makes me nostalgic for simpler times in San Diego. Enjoy your turkey tacos.
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