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March 08, 2019  •  5 Comments

There's a tired and worn maxim that photographers don't buy other photographer's work.  It made me wonder if Lennon & McCartney ever bought an album by The Rolling Stones or Aretha Franklin; did Steinbeck ever buy a Hemingway novel; or, is this something particular to photographic art?  It may be, and if it is I think it would be most present in photographers neighboring each other.  After all, I may as well just go where he/she took that image and make it myself, easy...right? Not so easy.  Not so do-able. 

The below image is by my friend and fellow photographer, Alex Kunz.  It's from Algodones Dunes in the southeast corner of California and a bit over 2 hours from my home.  An easy trip, a trip I've been meaning to take for years, a place I pass on my way to Arizona / New Mexico a few times a year.  And, a trip I've yet to make.  But yes, I could have made the trip, taken a few dozen photos and probably had been happy for doing so.  And yet, I wouldn't have captured what to me is that kernel of soul in a dune filled landscape.  Not the way Alex did. 

A fine and terrible thing about landscape photography is that the subject is ever changing and in the case of dunes it's not just the clouds and light, it's the entire landscape! Daily, no hourly, it drifts and flows like a bitter sea. It is nature in transition and forces patience and uncertain luck to be there at the right time and in the right place.  Thus, the reason I was seized by this scene and was keen to own it as I'm not that patient and rarely that lucky. 

The work is titled Sands of Time and can be found in Alex's print store (go there so as not to judge it by my iPhone pic).  His well written blogs and artwork can be found on his website:  Alexander S. Kunz

Sands of Time - Alexander S. Kunz


Monte Stevens(non-registered)
I am familiar with his work but never seen this image before. It is Awesome. I am also aware of how all of this universe is constantly in transformation, always being creative, always the artist.
Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
Thank you, Joe - I am very flattered that you see this kernel of soul of a dune field in my photo. I never thought about the impermanence of it all as consciously as you did and expressed it so eloquently. Maybe we should go together this summer (when the off-roaders are gone and the winds take care of their tire tracks) and take a look together. Thanks again.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
That's a beautiful example of Alex's work. It draws you deep into the dunes and keeps you looking around. What you mention about landscape photography is one of the things that keeps drawing me to photography, in general. The impermanence of most anything and the ability of a photograph to so beautifully capture a moment in time, a moment that may never happen again. That's what Alex has done in Sands of Time, captured a unique moment in time, one we can then spend as much time with as we please.
Peter Tellone(non-registered)
That guy looks pretty good , we should hang out with him sometime
Nice photo - Looks almost likes something could be buried underneath with the lines in the sand
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