Lake Hodges and the Wallflower Grebes

March 27, 2019  •  5 Comments

Last Sunday Katherine invited me to go with her to Lake Hodges in hopes of seeing the grebes do their funny mating dance.  I imagined dozens of award winning photos of grebes skimming across the lake's surface in synchronized lust.  Sometimes I have a really good imagination.  None of that happened, no skimming grebes, no award winning photos.  We did see a pair dancing for just a sec or two but they were far off.  Nonetheless, I did catch a few decent photos looking down from the hanging bridge that crosses the lake.  The white pelicans were large enough to capture at 300mm which is the extent of my lens. No grebes danced for us so no grebe photos.  From my perspective they were too small to be worth posting a picture. 

Some of my favorite photos are from the underside of Interstate 15.  From the parking area you have to pass under the highway to get to the lake and there are some interesting shapes and reflections going on around sunset.  

Lady of the OverpassLady of the OverpassLake Hodges, California Lady of the Underpass

Highway SunsetHighway SunsetLake Hodges, California Sunset under I-15

Reflecting BranchReflecting BranchLake Hodges, California
An Interesting Stick with Abstract Reflections

CatfishCatfishLake Hodges, California

(If you're a biologist I know the colors look... um, different.  Just go with it.)

Fence with YellowFence with YellowLake Hodges, California Wire Fence at Sunset
(Not a pretty fence but heck, it's sunset)

White SquadronWhite SquadronLake Hodges, California White Pelican Squadron

  End of DayEnd of DayLake Hodges, California
End of Day


Cedric Canard(non-registered)
Photos 2, 3 and 4… Wow. The light in 2 is surreal. The patterns in 3 are entrancing. And the colours in 4 are a delight. Again, wow!
Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
It's so interesting too see what others see and photograph at a location I'm so very familiar with. I can honestly say that I would never have seen or photographed anything the way you did - not even close. Which is a testament to your own vision, of course. Really nice photos!

(also, first reaction: REFLECTED LIGHT! hehe)
Todd Henson(non-registered)
I love the glow and the different tones of Sunset under I-15. And who wouldn't like an orange lipped catfish? :-) Nice work staying flexible enough to make the most of the situation.
Really great photos. It looks to be a really interesting place. I was out yesterday so great to see this stuff today when I returned to work (I never check my work email when I am off) today.
Earl Moore(non-registered)
Even if it wasn’t what you imagined, you certainly made some wonderfully interesting and beautiful photographs. Well worth the venture I’d say! :-)
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