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April 05, 2019  •  6 Comments

When I started this series I mentioned that I'd be showing prints from local and not-so-local artists.  Here's the first of the not-so-local artists, Jeremy Barrett from the UK
Jeremy and I met through Flickr.  I have a clear fondness for the British landscape and Jeremy is a master at it.  He was one of the first UK photographers I followed regularly on Flickr and I look forward to his woodland, Infra-red, and seascape works.  The below image is from Glencoe, Scotland.  The Scottish landscape seems to offer the photographer a plethora of image possibilities, always dramatic, always mysterious,  always powerful and compelling.  But, I think it's a location you'd have to visit again and again to get right, to understand it, to feel it. 

Jeremy's image from Glencoe is rich with all that mystery and drama mentioned above.  The rocky foreground shows a small stream flowing through the craggy rocks, leading the eye to a sharp peak.  A peak with attitude: Forceful, dominant, daring.  It's an imposing peak that punctures the sky.  Though the color palette is nearly monochromatic the motion of the water provides life and movement and with the sky frames the image with color and light. 

I was fortunate to meet Jeremy and his wife, Sarah in New Mexico in 2017 where Jeremy was showing a dozen or so of his prints in an exhibition in Santa Fe.  Katherine and I took a nice drive out to one of my favorite areas and met two very nice people and experienced some impressive artwork.  Having met Jeremy convinced me that I should own a piece of his work.  I chose the one below, Peak to Peak, from Glencoe.  

I tried to buy it anonymously but that didn't work.  Jeremy saw what I was trying to do and sent me an e-mail admonishing me for the attempt, called me a nutter (a nutter is an artist of the highest calibre in Brit-speak, or so I'm told) and sent me a high rez file of the image.  I made a print that I'm quite happy with even though it may miss some nuance of the artist's intent. 

As always, go to the source to see the original and just use my iPhone pic as a tease.  This Glencoe image is on Flickr at:

Jeremy's website with all his exceptional work (check out the Infra-Red!) is here:

And, finally, Jeremy's blog post on the Santa Fe exhibition is here: Santa Fe Exhibition

Peak to Peak - Jeremy Barrett


This area of Scotland is on my very short list of places to go someday. I am not sure where I will spend more time, in the landscapes or the distilleries! :-) Absolutely gorgeous photograph, I can see why you selected it.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
This is an absolutely stunning photograph, it really draws your eye deep into the scene. I've never been to Scotland, but it's images like this that make me curious to visit. As Cedric said he would, I will also be spending some time on Jeremy's site. What I've seen of it so far is fantastic. I love the longer exposure work.
I can see why you like this image. It is beautifully done and from one of my favourite places. I'll be spending some time on Jeremy's website for sure. I lived in the UK for three years and have returned there since. I always found the British Isles to have the best light. I was at my most prolific as a photographer while I lived there. I would say that I have never liked any of my photos as much as the ones I took during my stay there. Especially the Scotland ones. Much like Jeremy's "Peak to Peak" photo here, as a photographer, I peaked in the UK :)
Thanks for this "Art in Residence" series of posts Joe. A real pleasure for me.
Jeremy Barrett(non-registered)
The print looks perfect Joe and you were spot on with your definition of nutter as I don’t do urban slang .
Honoured to be mentioned amongst your talented list of artists in residence and looking forward to meeting again sometime
Best wishes
Sarah , Jeremy and pooches
Ps coming to Vegas for my 50th at end of May and probably onto Mesquite and a few other stops ,really looking forward to it :)
Great post. Thank you. I thought I missed it as nothing came on Thursday.

I've actually been to Scotland and it looks very much like the image in Jeremy's picture. Especially driving to the North on the way to where Loch Ness is located.

Hate to burst your bubble but here's what the urban dictionary describes as a "nutter" which they note is a UK term
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