Art in Residence - Sandra Herber

April 12, 2019  •  7 Comments

The last image in this series comes from Sandra Herber, a Canadian living in Toronto who has some of the most engaging prairie-scapes I've seen. It's what initially drew me to her work.  She also has some outstanding winter imagery of those vast plains that help to heighten the minimalist nature of her work.  All of my favorite photographs of hers edge along the minimalist style.  I first came across her work on Flickr

The below image, In the Field probably has more detail and texture than many of her works in the Canadian plains.  I liked it for the juxtaposition between the texture of the field and the smooth, featureless sky.  The best part, however, is the small, almost insignificant barn in the dead center.  It too is featureless other than its precise geometry.  But it's her focus and why the image exists.

The morning sun highlights the foreground grasses giving them a nice warm glow under a grayish sky and you can almost imagine a tornado building in that sky; something the barn has seen multiple times, yet still stands. 

Sandra has a fun new series of photos of ice fishing huts taken last year.  I know, ice fishing huts, really? Yes, really.  Have a look, it'll make you smile:  Ice Fishing Huts.

Sandra's website is here:  Sandra Herber Photography and her Flickr pages can be seen from the links set in the paragraphs above.  

In the Field - Sandra Herber


Todd Henson(non-registered)
A great finish to a fantastic series, Joe. As the others have said, thanks for introducing us to these other photographers work. With this image I like the minimalist nature, as you mentioned. I also love the lighting, texture and shadows of the grain in the foreground.
Another excellent choice Joe. Sandra's work is very inspirational and often depicts the kind of minimalism and simpleness that I admire and appreciate in a photograph. Once again, thanks for bringing such outstanding talent to our attention. I have thoroughly enjoyed this "Art in Residence" series.
Sandra Herber(non-registered)
Thank you, Joe. It's lovely to know what someone thinks of one's image, once that person has seen it in print. When I saw the print, I like it and I promised to print it for myself. Thank you for such kind words.
Peter Tellone(non-registered)
Great Stuff Joe. You have great taste in Photography and know a lot of talented people ( No I am not including myself in that crowd)
It's a really good thing you do and have done here. Sandra has some Beautiful work.

Thanks for showing us this and introducing us to people we may not be aware of

JWSmith Photography
She is Jeremy. Amazing consistency in her work. I can usually recognize a Sandra Herber image before I see the artist's name.
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