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May 14, 2019  •  4 Comments

We have a small gathering of birds each morning and evening at our house.  Feeding time I suppose.  We have a few feeders and enough flowers to attract most of the common flyers and now and then an oriole or jay will come by.  Often enough we'll see a hawk of some sort circling overhead but nothing like that yesterday evening while I was reading* in the back yard.  There was enough activity last evening that I pulled out my D800, slapped on the 70-300mm and sat back waiting for the cover of Birding magazine to perch close by and perform some rare avian behavior.   Having no clue what rare avian behavior looks like I just photographed whatever flew by or posed interestingly and long enough for a picture. 

Crow Ballet in monochrome

Antenna Dove

Far off Oriole

Close by Oriole

Hummer Humming

Fading Sunflowers


*Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez for the curious


Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
Birds with a flavor of Joe's photographic eye - nice. I think it was you who recommended the Merlin Bird ID app to me so you most likely tried it to identify that Oriole.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
I always love watching and seeing birds. Nice variety, especially if these were all in the back yard. I'm jealous. I like the graphic nature of the crow. Love the hummer, they're always fun. I'm not as familiar with the birds out that way, but I'd lean towards female Hooded Oriole for the close one, they seem to have yellow bellies whereas the Bullock's is more white or grey. Not sure about the far off one, but I'd lean towards a Bullock's, male if it had a black throat and female otherwise. Because I'm guessing they're different species I'd laugh if they were actually the same bird. Either way, thanks for sharing, it's always fun seeing what's native to different areas.
JWSmith Photography
It’s not a Baltimore Oriole. It’s a female Bullock’s or Hooded oriole, not sure which as they look similar.

We have a few hummingbirds here.  I have two feeders out, that and the flowers keep them happy.  One had a nest just outside our kitchen window but she abandoned it before we saw any babies.
Let me preface this with I am partially color blind and have a 16 Crayola vision limit whereas you may have the 512 Crayola big box vision.

Is the Oriole a non Baltimore Oriole? It doesn't seem to have the more darker colors I remember from the Team hat (which could have been exaggerated) .

First time I ever saw a hummingbird IRL was in Sacramento - I thought it was a large insect at first. Nice shot to stop the wings in motion.
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