Lake Murray

May 24, 2019  •  3 Comments

Our nearby reservoir, Lake Murray, has a 6-mile paved walking/running/biking trail that nearly completes a circle around the lake but at the 3 mile mark you hit a fence guarding the dam and have to turn around. It had been a long time since I visited the lake but since it's a nice walk and the rains had ceased for the day I went for a visit with the camera.  

Reeds and RushesReeds and Rushes
The Rushes

A nearly forgotten respite


Clever.  I wish I'd had a ball to give

Well look! Balls.  Golfer litter.  I wrote to Mission Trails Regional Park about this but have not heard back.  
This is a drainage that runs along a trail above the road and between the park and the golf course.  There are hundreds more up and down stream. 
There was a mischievous notion to collect a dozen or so and hurl them back onto a nearby green. 

Cactus buds - Many groups of cacti along the path

A mangle of trunks tucked away in the brush


Monte Stevens(non-registered)
I have a few places I enjoy walking through that this reminds me of. They are my respite from the chaos of the city. Love those twisted trunks on that tree. And, I hope they respond and do something about the golf balls. It does not take much to take away from some natural area because of the mark left by man.
I missed this post as I was in Abilene ,Texas last week visiting my daughter, son in law and 2 grandsons. I like the local photographs. Makes me fel as if I was walking in the park along with you. Thank you!
Todd Henson(non-registered)
I enjoy doing this, as well, picking a location and just going for a walk with the camera. I don't do it often enough. If nothing else it may help exercise our creative muscles, keep them from atrophying. And it'a always good exercise getting out and about. Interesting, the golf ball issue. I've not seen that kind of runoff before, though friends and I have occasionally made extra effort to find and retrieve lost balls at several miniature golf locations. It's almost as fun as playing sometimes. :-)
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