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May 16, 2019  •  5 Comments

Every time a print of mine sells, I wonder, "Why?"  Why that particular one to that particular place.  Fine Art America only reveals the town and state of a sale so I know little of the buyer or the reasons for that purchase.  I'm more excited about a B&W sale than color because I'm pretty sure they aren't buying it to match the sofa. 

The below image sold today to someone in Norcross, Georgia.  Now, I admittedly jump to one or two conclusions about this sale that may be completely wrong and prejudicial but it's what went through my head.  Without looking at a map I imagine Norcross is rural with dirt roads and mailboxes strewn about similar to these.  Norcross has hills and maybe even stills.  Norcross has friendly people who wave as you drive by; there's a General Store in town run by a guy named Hank and dogs feel free to roam and sleep under benches that line Main Street.  The white church steeple is the highest point in town and the fire department is all volunteer. The American Legion is a favored gathering place.  On Fourth of July kids still run madly about with sparklers while dads stand in small groups, a can of beer in hand, talking crops and NASCAR, with one eye open for sparkler-induced fires. It's humid in Norcross, shades of green carpet the surrounding hills and, it's spring; flowers are everywhere. 

I imagine my print will hang in small-town America. 

Rural DeliveryRural Delivery
Click on the image to see it on the FAA page.   


Congrats on the sale! I have yet to make one on FAA, but my library there is fairly small. I can see the appeal of this photograph for many for a lot of different situations. Maybe someday they will write to you and you can find out more detail on how their pick came to be.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
It's always fascinating to be able to compare what we imagine ahead of time with the reality, and how different they can sometimes be. Regardless, though, it does show someone in Norcross, Georgia has good taste. :-)
Maybe it’s a retired postal worker who wants a momento of the good old days .....cracking image Joe
T.M. Schultze(non-registered)
There are a lot of corporate offices in Norcross. My company's Atlanta branch is located in Norcross. I bet that fine image will be in an office hallway, and maybe if things go full circle, an office employee will ponder that row of mailboxes and imagine where it was located and what the photographer was thinking when they made that image.
I'm sorry to burst your bubble regarding small town rural America. I lived in North Buckhead, a NE suburb of Atlanta (where I worked) for the better part of 1978. Norcross is a little more distant suburb and more NE that is just about 20 miles from Downtown, Atlanta, It's off interstate 85 which goes from Montgomery Alabama through Atlanta, then Spartenburg SC, Charlotte NC and ends up in Petersburg VA where it meets I-95

In the Metropolitan Atlanta area, Norcross is just outside 285 which functions as the "Beltway" and it's on the way from Atlanta to the Mountains of NE Georgia and SE North Carolina.

Think Laurel, MD and not Mayberry NC. So maybe it's some suburban Americans who are longing for the rural life by displaying your interesting rural print.
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