Desert Rise

July 26, 2019  •  5 Comments

Tequila SunriseTequila SunriseMt Laguna, California
Desert Rise
Anza-Borrego Desert


The sun rises early this time of year.  A 4:30am alarm and I'm up and on the road before 5am so I can get up to the desert overlook on Sunrise Highway in the Laguna Mountains before the sun peeks over the mountains.  Sunrise is 5:54 this morning and I make it by 5:40.  It's a pretty photo but lacks the drama I wanted from the recent desert monsoons we've been having.  Anza-Borrego has been getting rain for a few days and from my home I could see clouds stacked high and thick.  But, it didn't last and this morning I unfortunately discovered that the skies were only lightly decorated with some wispy clouds but no drama.  


Todd Henson(non-registered)
There is that saying about how it's better to try and fail than not to try at all. I do like how something that might be a failure from the perspective of not meeting our expectations can still be seen as a success by others. That can be one of the beauties of something as subjective as art. And when it comes to landscape or nature photography there is always that element of luck since we can't completely control the environment. Which leads to another saying about how we make our own luck, in this case by consistently getting out there and trying. Not every day will be lucky, but if we don't try it's guaranteed that day will NOT be lucky. That's something I keep trying to remind myself when I get lazy and want to sleep in, which seems to happen more often these days. So I applaud you for at least getting out there and giving it a go, and creating a really nice photograph in the process.
Those early rises can be challenging, and it always seems emphasized if the conditions don’t meet our expectations. This still seems like a view worth getting up for. Hopefully some other discoveries were made along the way that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
I think this image was well worth the early rise and drive. Expectations are a requirement for photographers, then a bit of gratitude for what we are given.
Dramatic colors---still a successful photo, even if you didn't see the cloud formations you anticipated.
WOW! That is just stunning! The colors are so vibrant. It would make a great opening shot for an Academy Award winning movie!

Thanks for getting up so early to set up for the shot!
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