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July 14, 2019  •  4 Comments

Missy's Reason #1 to Print What You Want to Preserve:
          Because 50 years from now, the most photographed generation in history will have no photos. 

The Devil inside MeThe Devil inside Me
The Devil Inside Me

I'm a big fan of Missy Mwac ( not only for her humor but for her evangelical persistence that we must print our work so it will be as meaningful 50 years from now as the above image of moi is today.  This devilish image was taken over 50-years ago and  I'm sure it was in print at some point but now it exists only as a Kodachrome slide.  Now stored carefully it was once housed with its brethren in a Carousel and occasionally projected by my father in a darkened room full of chuckling family members.  I'm sure I was mortified each time it appeared but now, well now I'm kinda proud of it and how it has managed to survive all these years.  Point being, It exists in physical and retrievable form and if stored carefully will become a cherished artifact for my great-great grandkids. Really, they'll love it. 

And, plans are, in the near future it'll be printed in book form to be even more easily accessible.  There I'll be, sitting on a shelf ready to be pulled down and perused as bedtime reading.  Great fun for the great-great grandkid.  

It's sad to note that our current generation of photo takers won't have the same opportunities.  Those millions of digital files, where will they be in 20, 30, 50 years?  Digital dust is my guess.  Hard drives fail, technology changes, cloud storage costs go up and people abandon their sites, hosts where all your favorite images rest go bankrupt and close their ports.  I used to store files on floppy disks, if you don't remember floppies then consider that 20 years from now people won't recall CDs or DVDs (which you thought would be safe).  

Like many other aspects of the Internet we offer up something for convenience.  In the case of photographs, it's the risk of them disappearing.  How could you possibly live knowing this image of me on a chilly Maryland Halloween will no longer exist?  

Get printing. 



Danald Wilkins(non-registered)
Agree with you that you make it sensible in all the ways.
Besides printing - a very important aspect that is missing from a lot of digital photography storage is the art of properly and comprehensively captioning photos. It is essential to know who, what, where etc for each shot...

Captioning is important. I have a couple of boxes of pictures of people I don't know that I inherited from when my folks died. There are first names and dates on the photos such and "Mary and Rick at the lake 1939" but I have no idea who these people are (not a relative's name I recognize so I assume they must have been family friend)s or which lake or even what part of the country the photo was taken in .

For modern digital photography, Geotagging does help a lot for the where component of the photos. But later generations will want to know who and perhaps more importantly why the photo was taken as well as who was the photographer.

- Was this a photo taken by one of my parents on an outing with their friends Mary and Rick?
- Or was it taken by a hotel employee when Mary and Rick were vacation five states away and mailed to my parents?
- Just what were the circumstances of the photo? Honeymoon? Old neighbors moved across country? Was this a first date between someone my mom introduced to a co-worker of my Dad's ?

Without a detailed caption on your photo, even if printed, your great Grandchildren won't know who was in the photo? Was that an intruder to the home? A relative or family friend for Halloween? Which Halloween, what year? What relative? Or (worst case) your future great grandchild could fret about having a relative performing some sort of Satanic ritual after joining a cult. That sure will get them checking!
JWSmith Photography
Thanks, Cedric!
My father wasn’t much of a photographer, mostly snaps of family (which I’m now grateful for) but he did us all a favor by putting Kodachrome in his Argus. I have a few where the light and colors just melt together and if there’s such a thing as snapshot art then those would qualify.

As far as the image and the mystery behind it? I do remember the costume, it’s the only one from pre-teen years that I do remember. The photo is just another where mom insisted that we get our pic taken in costume (just stand over there so dad can get a picture, don’t fidget! ). I think my sister was Casper (the friendly ghost) that year.

I’m sure I would eventually get over it but there would be an initial, and probably long-term, devastation should my photos turn to dust. My life has not been historically significant, nor have my ancestors been famous or infamous (too bad on that one :-) ) but I do enjoy having the images around to wonder over. Perhaps it’s the memento mori thing.

Thanks again for your thoughts.
Cedric Canard(non-registered)
I must say, I like this photograph very much. The hues and tones are wonderful, Despite it's snapshot feel, it harbours an intrinsic artistic quality to it. I get the sense of a story behind the picture which is obviously related to the story that exists behind the mask. A small mystery to feed the imagination Very cool.
As for the topic of this post, I cannot say much as I'm fine with my photos turning to digital dust just as I was fine with the sandcastles I built when my kids were young being reclaimed by the sea (to use Missy Mwac's latest post).
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