Tacos, Trains and Turkey Vultures

July 01, 2019  •  2 Comments

Pacific Southwest Train Museum

I took an early morning drive to San Diego's east county on Saturday.  The Pacific Southwest Train Museum in Campo is only open on weekends and I wanted to get in a visit before the punishing summer heat arrived.  I saw it would be a nice, cloudy day which made it all the more appealing.  

I'm not a train fan, I can appreciate them but I'm not a fan. What I like is rusty, decaying, paint-flaking metal stuff. Lots of it at the train museum; texture is king. 

I did not get as many keepers as I'd hoped.  The one above is nice but many of the detail shots I made just didn't do it for me.  So, they'll remain sequestered for now. 

I arrived in Campo 2 hours before the museum opened so I just wandered about, driving up and down highway 94 looking for abandoned buildings and rusty, decaying, paint-flaking stuff.  

I stumbled upon this:

Campo, California

Trees full of Turkey Vultures, over 30 by my count.  I didn't know they flocked like this.  From what I could tell they were still waking up.  Very little movement, curled up as to maintain warmth, just blobs in trees from the angle I had.  I only had my 24-70mm so that's as close as I could get.  A nice little early morning surprise.

And then...Tacos! 

Tacos MexicoTacos MexicoBoulevard, CA

Tacos Mexico, an abandoned Mexican restaurant in Boulevard, CA.  I love Mexican food and find it hard to believe that any Mexican restaurant could fail in SoCal.  San Diego's east county is very rural, especially out in Campo/Boulevard area (just a few miles from the desert) so maybe they just didn't have the customer levels needed to survive.  Or, the food was just plain bad. It's not as though they had much competition. There are no fast food, drive-thru shops, nor many Mexican restaurants.  So, now it just sits waiting for the occasional wandering photographer to happen by. 


Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
Hu. Surprised that you're not happy with your train museum photos - I thought that after the MTM you'd find plenty of that stuff there, too. Personally though, I think the two dead trees with the turkey vultures make more than up for it anyway. :-)
Growing up 2 blocks from the B&O main line from Washington to Baltimore, I absolutely LOVE trains, the sound the whistles make at night, the different varied specialty cars and most especially steam locomotives. I have a train ride through Canada as a bucket list item. One of the best places that I have been was the Golden Spike National Monument and the north part of the Great Salt Lake and I hope to return there - https://www.nps.gov/gosp/index.htm. You should go there one day to learn about the meeting of the 2 railroads and to photograph the place.

I love the National Parks and treasure my senior lifetime pass - We want this weekend to De Soto National Memorial in Bradenton not far from Tampa https://www.nps.gov/deso/learn/historyculture/stories.htm

Love the old taco restaurant photo. If it were open, it looks like the type of place I would like to go for a meal
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