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March 26, 2020  •  3 Comments

Jolly's Car ServiceJolly's Car ServiceLa Mesa, California
Morris Minor Pickup
La Mesa, California

Things I see while walking about La Mesa during this extended self-quarantine.  

The Morris Minor belongs to a guy around the corner who works on British cars from his home.  I'll usually see an old Volvo or Saab there too but it's the Triumphs and MGs that I find interesting. 
The trolley tracks are seen from a bridge (duh!) at Grossmont Station and I just liked the bold yellow stripes. 
The remaining photographs are from a walk thru an old, disused and troubled alley that runs for nearly half a mile between two blocks of typical, 1950s suburban homes.  You get an interesting view of people's back yards and what they let fall into abandon.  Most yards were much nicer than these but I find myself attracted to abandoned and decaying things so that's what I photographed.  If you look at the same home from the front (the public street view) they look well kept, trimmed and neat—typical American suburbia. They save the good stuff for the back I suppose.
The lawnmower in the final shot longs for a return to its owner, to be of use once more.  It sits at the back gate as a dog does; waiting for its master's return, "I know he's in there and if I wait long enough he'll open the gate and let me in."

Over the last 8-10 years I've accumulated a number of images that I've grouped into the category of Americana.  Some of these fit nicely into that group and eventually I'll put them all together and tie them up with a rusty piece of wire. 

Grossmont StationGrossmont StationLa Mesa, California Trolley Tracks
La Mesa, California

La Mesa, California Abandoned Childhood
La Mesa, California

Pink HousePink HouseLa Mesa, California The Pink House
La Mesa, California

La Mesa, California Backyard Barbecue
La Mesa, California

BackyardBackyardLa Mesa, California
Umbrella and Bucket
La Mesa, California

Sky HoopSky HoopLa Mesa, California
La Mesa, California

La Mesa, California

This weeks recommendation for music you should listen to: Emily Baker - All at Sea (Link is to Bandcamp, safe place to find music)

And, for your next Netflix binge: Broadchurch - 3 seasons to glue your eyes to. David Tennant (onetime Doctor Who) and Oscar winner Olivia Colman (The Favorite). It may take a season to align your ears to the accents but I find it a fascinating detective mystery. 

Something delicious to make: Mermelada de Jitomate by Pati Jinich.  Delicioso!

Stay well all.


Todd Henson(non-registered)
Looking through these I was reminded, at least in some ways, of William Eggleston, and I think the Americana theme fits them perfectly. There is a cohesive feel. I did have to chuckle at SkyNet, nicely played. And I very much enjoyed the first season of Broadchurch. I'll admit I started watching it because Tennant had been my favorite Doctor, but I quickly realized his character here was nothing like the Doctor, and that was a good thing. Somewhat depressing story, as I recall, but very well done.
Before reading your words, I went through the photos, looking at each one in turn and thought "very Americana". I like this kind of photography. Very much, Snippets of our human world that cannot fail to resonate and touch us on some level simply because of their familiarity, their plainness and their uncomplicated nature. And while I immediately thought "Americana" as I viewed these photos, I also realised that these could easily be photos of any number of places I also like to walk through in my part of the world, down under. I would say that this is another reason why such photos can take such a hold of our attention. They are a reflection of us in some way, regardless of our social standing, regardless of where we live. They remind me of our commonality. Even our fragility. A poignant set Joe. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Joe, your posts have been a welcome reprieve from the reality of the news cycle.
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