Lunch Hour with COVID

March 18, 2020  •  6 Comments

Lunch hour with CovidLunch hour with CovidLa Mesa, California
Lunch Hour with COVID
La Mesa, California

From 1660 to 1669 Samuel Pepys kept a diary during a time of great turmoil in England.  That period covered The Great Plague of London which lasted for two years and Pepys' diary is one of the best resources for day-to-day life during that period. 

In an effort to get outside and still keep our social distance Katherine and I took a seven mile walk around La Mesa and I was thinking of Sam's diary each time I came upon a scene like the one above.  Many shops had small, sometimes handwritten notices on their doors apologizing for the closure and hoping we'd understand. 

Just two blocks from home (and getting pretty hungry) we came upon our favorite local restaurant.  We were sad to see they were closed and cleaning up their spaces just before shutting down for that unknown length of time necessary to get beyond the pandemic.  

Stay well all. 


Monte Stevens(non-registered)
It's impacted so many lives all over the world and it may get worse before better. The economic impact will be substantial, already is for some. With everything closing down there is a quiet we are not used to. For some that will be the most painful.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
History does repeat itself, though I can't say I'm happy it chose our lifetimes to do so. But it is what it is, so I hope everyone stays safe and well and manages the best you can.
I feel bad for all of the small businesses bars, sandwich shops, restaurants, bagel and donut shops and independent contractors out there. Hopefully Congress gets some help to them real soon.

I also feel bad for those people who counted on the stock market to provide their retirement. Fortunately we will be OK because I am a contrarian who expects the Black Swan events and I resisted chasing the stock market bubble. But many other people saw it as a get rich quick scheme. A lot of my coworkers told me I was an idiot for staying in a very conservative portfolio. They will all likely be working another decade now to recoup their losses. Best investment advice I ever heard was guard your nest egg and don't get greedy.

Stay safe everyone.
Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
Stay safe, J & K.
Quiet everywhere. Thanks for continuing to post. Almost looks like a scene from Paris with the style of those chairs.
Stay safe.
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