Walking in La Mesa - Pt. 4 or 5

April 01, 2020  •  9 Comments

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La Mesa, CA

Another day, another walk.  Yesterday Katherine and I took a long walk in search of the La Mesa Stairs.  My friend and local photographer Tracy Schultz, having seen that I'm doing regular walkabouts with my camera, asked if I had ever photographed them. No, but it's a really good idea. They're kinda famous in these parts (even though they call them Secret Stairs) but I'd never seen them in person and didn't even know where they were (thus the secret part?).  
I found a map of the stairs' locations (there are 3 sets) on the internet and with that in my hip pocket, off we went.  The stairs are in the Mt. Nebo area of La Mesa.  Mt. Nebo sounds like it's from a children's story but it's a real place.  Because Mt. Nebo, like most Mts, is cone shaped, the streets run in switchbacks or circular routes up the hill. The stairs provide walkers with shortcuts by slicing through the switchbacks in the same way those nasty people do on mountainous trails where switchbacks are common and self-made shortcuts are made by thoughtless hikers (why yes, I am a tad bitter).  The stairs are also used for exercise as they're steep and fairly long which is probably why, upon arriving after a 4.5 mile walk, we saw this:

La Mesa Stairs
La Mesa, CA

There was a sign at each entranceway:

La Mesa Stairs
La Mesa, CA

Nonetheless we had a good 9 mile walk, it wasn't too hot as we had overcast skies the whole day, and I managed a few images along the way.

La Mesa, CA

Today's recommendations:
   For some incredibly good music with a folksy and sometimes humorous touch, John Prine's Sweet Revenge.  John is currently in the hospital suffering from COVID-19 and in critical condition so give him a listen, it'll be good for your ears (apologize for the Amazon link as I'm trying to avoid them).
   On the movie scene we rented 1917 the other night and I highly recommend it. And, if you're into movie soundtracks the music by Thomas Newman is worth a listen. 
   You'll need something to eat while listening to John and watching movies so try this:  Yotam Ottolenghi's Shakshuka

Bye for now, stay well and Remember...


It would seem you have a rather unique addition to photographs of those famous stairs! Quite the long walk, and it seems you came back with some gems to remember it by.
T.M. Schultze(non-registered)
Well, you didn't get to walk the stairs, but you have unique La Mesa Stairs photos until the next pandemic!

- TM
Todd Henson(non-registered)
Wow, that was quite a walk! Thanks for taking us along. I really like the black and white lines on the road. So simple, but they work.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
I must say your camera came home with a nice series of images! And, you and Katherine got in some good exercise. Let me tell you it looks like those are some seriously steep steps to climb. Hope you wahsed your hands!
typo . . .
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