A Nice Surprise

June 15, 2020  •  13 Comments

Ghost JeepGhost JeepLa Mesa, California Ghost Jeep
La Mesa, CA

Hi Joseph,

I'm happy to tell you that your photograph
Ghost Jeep
won a Gold Award in the San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards.

The competition was highly competitive, and the jurors only gave awards to 100 photographs. We will soon be sending you a list of all of the Gold, Silver, and Gallery award winners. Your photograph will appear with the other award winners in a feature on Bokeh Bokeh Photo. Also, we will share your photograph, along with your website or email address, with our panel of jurors, and also with our past jurors.

We had intended to display the Gold and Silver Award winners electronically, and display prints of the Gallery Award winners, in the ACCI Gallery during the Exhibition in September. However, due to the pandemic, the public exhibition is canceled.

Again, congratulations, and thank you for contributing your work.

My best regards,
David Garnick, Director
San Francisco Bay Month of Photography


Back in April I submitted to a few competitions that I thought fit my style. I'm not a competition hound so I'm not sure what motivated me to submit, validation perhaps. I've been feeling more confident in my work and less concerned about whether it's "good enough" so maybe I went into this with a chip on my shoulder, daring some judge to knock it off.  

The first organization to finalize did just that. A form letter of condolence; flipping that chip with casual nonchalance, plink! 

BAYMOP was the second to finalize their competition and I was fortunate enough to place. I'm still waiting for two more to close and see if any good words come from them.  

I can't see doing this again but one never knows. The entry fees, though not steep, are still a cost that has little return and I do realize they are a money-maker for the organizations doing them. I feel I was very selective in these submissions and did what little research I could before clicking the "Send" button. 

Art should not be a competition but at times I think that unless you play the game you'll never be seen by anyone outside your normal circle. I have maybe a dozen B&W images that I hold dear and felt the need to send some out, on their own, to see how the world responded.  

Also, please keep in mind that until 4 July I'm donating all profits from my Fine Art America sales to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Equal Justice Initiative.  That post explaining it is here: A Simple Request



Todd Henson(non-registered)
This is great to hear, Joe! Congratulations, you deserve it. And I love how humble you are about it.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Congratulations ,Joe! I'm also not one to enter into competition. I was part of a camera club many years ago and those were not rewarding times. Interesting to ear from the other contests. Who knows!
Jerry Foodman(non-registered)
Since when is art not a competition. Best sellers, Sotheby's, poet laureate, academy awards......

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This photo deserves what it received.
Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
That photo combines the best aspects of your La Mesa walks during the pandemic for me - it's somewhat whimsical but also dark and ominous. I'm happy for you that you got the recognition it deserves.
Congrats Joe--well deserved.
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