Autumn's End

October 19, 2021  •  4 Comments

Morning Light at Deering Pond
Mousam Way Land Trust

This morning's walk was around Deering Pond on the Mousam Way Land Trust. The wind has kicked up and the rains have returned and so the leaves do what the do every Fall, they fall. 
It's hard to think monochrome with so much color to be had. But, soon the trees will be bare and scraggly and the clouds heavy and monochrome will rule once again. :-)

Mousam Way WoodlandMousam Way WoodlandMousam Way, Sanford, Maine
Color in an Open Field
Mousam Way Land Trust
LeavesLeavesMousam Way, Sanford, Maine
Looking Up
Mousam Way Land Trust
Mousam Way Land Trust, Maine
Mousam Way Land Trust

An 1871 Disaster


Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Love that first image! I'm looking forward to your presentations through images and history notes of your new neighborhood. I'm gonna learn something!
Marty Roberts(non-registered)
I knew by looking at the image ( entitled 'Mousam Way Land Trust' ), prior to reading the caption, that I was looking @ Derring Neighborhood Pond. I immediately recognized the scenery. 'Color in the open Field' is near a landing for where trees were harvested last February. If you travel that path (and don't get lost) you will end up in our backyard up on the Ridge. Such a beautiful, tranquil land.

The 'Whirlpool' gave me reason to do a double take as I scrolled down to see the next photo without study. I thought it way a snake or large lizard circling rapidly about. Glad to know there aren't monsters out there! I think this is my fav even though I may have nightmares over my first ,(but lasting), impression tonight!

Thanks for sharing your artistry. I always look forward to witnessing what your trained eye captures.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
That whirlpool is fascinating. With all the leaves you almost can't tell there's any flowing water except for the whirlpool, spinning in the middle of the forest, eating up whatever hapless hiker (or rail car) happens by. Most of the color I've seen here lately has been fallen leaves on the ground. The trees are either green or brown. :-)
Interesting story about the railway. I like the way your blog lets me peek into different worlds. The tiny whirlpool photo is amazing. so much action in such a small space.

You almost seem to be "disappointed" to be faced with the beautiful fall foliage as your model and looking forward to the stark dark days of winter and the bitter cold. Kind of reminds me of a Joni Mitchell song that a famous New England folk singer by the name of Tom Rush turned into a minor hit - "Urge for Going". Tom Rush is one of my favorite singers and his Classic Rush album was one of the first 3 LP records that I ever bought.
Tom Rush's version - Mute and I used to sing this song together. Joni Mitchell's version is good but you never get the feeling she will really "go" whereas you feel Tom Rush is going to be "out the door"a nd headed for warmer weather down South as soon as the song is finished.
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