Mushrooms - Part II

October 05, 2021  •  8 Comments

Negutaquet Land Trust
North Berwick, Maine

Today, Buddy and I went to the Negutaquet (your pronunciation is as good as mine) Land Trust close to home for a morning walk and some mushroom hunting. I haven't been able to identify many of these yet. The lens cover on my iPhone is shattered and I just get fuzzy and spotted images with it so the app Seek by iNaturalist doesn't help much. And, it helps less when I leave the phone in the car like I did this morning.  So, what I've been doing is putting them in Lightroom, editing as I like and then using Seek to try to identify the mushroom from the picture. As you can see it's worked in a few cases but as I only have a 2-dimensional mushroom to work with I can't circle around it or look under it to help the app ID the fungi. So, I do what I can.  If you know the species of any of  these or can correct my IDs then please let me know.  Seek can usually get to the Family or Genus but I really want to nail the Species.  

These fellows are fascinating and it's worth getting muddy and wet to commune with them. I still need to work on tighter focus though.  Just not happy with it as it is. Today I was using my Fuji XT-2 with a 16-55mm 2.8 lens on my travel tripod which should be sufficient but there seems to be something I'm missing. Anyway, the journey continues. 


Unidentified but I like the skirt  Green RussulaGreen RussulaNorth Berwick, ME Green Russula

  False Death CapFalse Death CapNorth Berwick, ME
False Death Cap
Viscid Violet CortViscid Violet CortNorth Berwick, ME
Viscid Violet Cort
Collard ParachuteCollard ParachuteNorth Berwick, ME Collared Parachute
PInewood GingertailPInewood GingertailNorth Berwick, ME
PInewood Gingertail



Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
The unidentified ones are either completely tasteless or will kill your in a horrible way. :P (the first unidentified one almost looks like the "green death cap" that grows in Europe).

And Still no making of!
Todd Henson(non-registered)
False Death Cap. There's nothing ominous about that name. :-) I'm still fascinated by that violet one, just a color I've not seen yet. I really like the cluster of Collared Parachutes, there's something pleasing about that composition. And the unidentified pair below the False Death Cap also stands out to me. I like the inclusion of the greenery and just the color/texture of the tops of the mushrooms. Glad to see you're enjoying these forays into the woods!
These days, except for the few that pop up unexpectedly in the corner of my yard from time to time, most of the mushrooms I come across are on a shelf at the grocery store. Your photos are a nice reminder that there are indeed other mushrooms in nature than just those that end up on my table. I like their different colors against the darkness of the damp undergrowth.
T.M. Schultze(non-registered)
These were awesome, Unidentified is my favorite kind. /S
Nice to be near this mushroom nature wonderland! Sorry I can’t help with if.
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