Stick Season

October 25, 2021  •  7 Comments

Fallen BirchFallen BirchKennebunk Land Trust, Maine Stick Season
Kennebunk Land Trust, Maine

I printed this image today and I'm loving it. It looks better than what you're seeing, it's softer and more atmospheric, a bit more melancholy.  I think it represents perfectly what we're about to experience here in the great Northeast: Stick Season. Stick Season comes after Fall and before Winter. The once colorful trees are stripped by wind and rain leaving only disrobed sticks joining grey skies. After Winter comes Mud Season, then the highly anticiapted Black Fly Season and that's as far as my calendar goes right now. At some point we'll see a few weeks of Summer. 

Kennebunk Land Trust, Maine

The birches here are an odd lot. They're a soft wood and the winds and rains and snows snap them like you would an asparagus stalk. Then, they bloom and grow once more, ignoring the visible lessons of the previous season. If given enough time and relief they can rise to the level of the one below.  And yet, I've seen more muscular trunks than these lying prone. 

Birch ClusterBirch ClusterKennebunk Land Trust, Maine
Birch Cluster
Kennebunk Land Trust, Maine


Linda Grashoff(non-registered)
Your photos are gorgeous. It looks like you are enjoying your new northern eyes and scenery. I don't know what season follows Black Fly Season, but there is another season between Winter and Mud Season. I've been celebrating it for years. It comes in February when the light starts returning but the temperatures are still cold. It's called the Season of Hope.
I like your subtle humor... sounds like you are looking forward to all the New England changes;-)
I really like the composition of Oppressed. Nicely seen Joe. I really need to shop for a new printer. I miss printing at home, perhaps for the very reason you mention here - prints mostly look better than on these darn devices.

And you can keep Black Fly season - we have enough annoyance with mosquitoes here and fortunately far south enough to not have the flies the UP of Michigan has.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
Oppressed is fascinating, both as an image and the thought of what's creating that kind of scene. We'll be in stick season soon enough down this way. It's a nice season. Certainly beats black fly season!
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
It's stick season here, almost. We've had some wind move through today so many leaves have moved on from the mother tree, making things look sparse. I'd suggest you keep all of the Black Fly Season up there. It does not sound like an appealing season to me.
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