Sense of Place

November 17, 2021  •  8 Comments

Kennebunk Land Trust
Evening Light
Kennebunk Plains, Maine

Such a thing exists, a sense of place, and I think you know it when you experience it. I think Monte Stevens knows it at Reservoir Ridge and the natural places he visits in eastern Colorado, I think Alex Kunz knows it in the chaparral of San Diego County and the Coyote Mountain Wilderness of Anza-Borrego, and I'm sure my friends Peter Tellone and Tracy Schultze experience it while in Joshua Tree National Park. It's a sense of belonging; a place where you can wrap yourself up in the environment and feel at home. 
For me, while living in San Diego, it was strongest on Sunrise Highway where it overlooks the desert and Hollenbeck Canyon in southern east county. Both had that calming effect and because of that I believe the photographs just appear out of nowhere. 
In the past few months I've found what may be my current place: the Kennebunk Land Trust which is a 15 minute drive from home and one of the places where we take Buddy for his daily walks.  

Birch ClusterBirch ClusterKennebunk Land Trust Kennebunk Land Trust Stars FallStars FallKennebunk Land Trust Birch with MoonBirch with MoonKennebunk Land Trust Kennebunk Land Trust Kennebunk Land Trust, Maine Kennebunk Land Trust Kennebunk Land Trust

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Todd Henson(non-registered)
It's nice when you're able to find a place like this so close to home, somewhere you can easily return to and at different times, which I think helps develop that sense of place. I look forward to continuing to explore this location with you, if only vicariously.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
These places creatives seek and return to are vital, at least for me. Spending time in these sacred places are times for recharging, and connection with nature and my inner voice. I am so looking forward to seeing more from your perspective with your lens. And, with new seasons approaching the opportunities are boundless. Bring them on, my friend!
Jackson Frishman(non-registered)
Having moved a lot in the last few years, I'd say finding that sense of place is really key to settling in, at least to someone with an artistic temperament. I never could find it in central Washington, the place just seemed incomprehensible to me on an almost mystical level. Here in far eastern Washington, I got a glimpse of it early on and have been deepening that sense, to my great delight. Looks like you're finding it too. The third, fourth and seventh images here are really marvelous. I have very little notion of what Maine is actually like, but I'm looking forward to more of what you'll show me!
How wonderful you have found such a beautiful place so close to you now. These photos are stunning and speak loudly of that sense of place you mention. I'm sure, at least I hope, we'll see many more from here as your relationship with it develops.
Excellent photos! Very well done and a pleasant surprise to see..
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