Hollenbeck Canyon

February 05, 2021  •  7 Comments

Morning at Hollenbeck Canyon

We took a nice morning hike thru east county's Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area yesterday.  Distant fog in the local foothills provided some atmosphere for an otherwise clear-sky day. Hollenbeck is not an exceptionally large park but you can build a 7-mile hike by linking some trails together.  Yesterday's hike was around 4 miles of lightly rolling hills and broad, compacted paths.  Since the area is only a 20-minute drive it's my most visited area for quick hikes that usually have some photographic potential. 

So, here we go! 

Katherine and Buddy start off

Prominent boulder that should have a name (Peñasco sin Nombre?)

Lots of fence lines in this one time ranch

I think only geologists and photographers have favorite rock formations

Gateway Greeter

Late morning sun 

Take us home, BuddyTake us home, BuddyHollenbeck Canyon
Take us home, Buddy




Todd Henson(non-registered)
It's always nice to have a park like this nearby, whether for photography or just hiking. I found your approach to toning the monochromatic photos interesting, adding that nice brown/red tone to the one with the withering old fence. I like it. And that distant fog does a great job accenting Katherine and Buddy on the trail. I hope you all had a great hike, and have many more in the future.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Number seven has my vote due to the use of lines. As most of us are city dwellers we need these parks and recreation areas near and also use them. Big points for you guys for using them. And, yes, photographers have favorite rock formations, and trees, and fences, and trails and times to be there and people to hike with. I like the use of the both color and black and white images. Well done, in my book.
Tom Dills(non-registered)
Love the shape of the 'Gateway Greeter' tree. A lot of good photo possibilities right there!
Jodie Hulden(non-registered)
Hi Joe,
I love these photos. I can feel myself there in them. We seem to be drawn to similar landscapes. I look at the images and think I would want to photograph that object or vista too. Especially the rocks, trees, fences and paths. Thanks for sharing.
Great way to start the day. Great Pix
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