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February 09, 2021  •  5 Comments


Bleached ManzanitaBleached ManzanitaMt. Laguna, California
Bleached Manzanita
Mt. Laguna, California

It's been quite a while since I'd taken a long drive through our east county, up into the foothills and mountains: mountains that suddenly drop into the desert but on the way deliver impressive views.  There are a few routes I'll take but it seems that no matter what direction I consider as I leave the driveway I always seem to end up on Sunrise Highway.  Today was no different.  The forecasts called for cloudy days this week and I thought I may even get some fog.  No luck with the fog but some nice clouds always contribute nicely. 
The loop I do, regardless of the route, will take me around 100 miles, sometimes more, sometimes less but I can usually plan on a hundred.  Julian, Santa Ysabel, Wynola, Warner Ranch, Ramona were all on the route today.  On other days it may be Lake Cuyamaca, Ranchita, Pine Valley, and Guatay.  All have photographic potential and today delivered as well as any other.  The bleached manzanita is especially nice as a subject. 


Boulder overlookBoulder overlookMt. Laguna, California
To be a rock and not to roll (thanks to Led Zeppelin for that one)
Mt. Laguna, California

Manzanita View
Mt. Laguna, California

Split RockSplit RockMt. Laguna, California
Split Boulder
Mt. Laguna, California

Stretching OutStretching OutMt. Laguna, California
Reaching Out
Mt. Laguna, California

Pines with decaying logPines with decaying logMt. Laguna, California
Pines with Decaying Log
Mt. Laguna, California



Todd Henson(non-registered)
I really like that top photo. The arrangement of the trees, and their lighter color that really helps them stand out. It's great having drives like this and I'm glad you have the opportunity to drive them.
Thanks for sharing, always enjoying seeing your images!
Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
Beautiful overall set, and "very Joe" of course. :) Even among those though, "Pines with Decaying Log" stands out. Absolutely wonderful
I do really like the bleached manzanita, especially with high contrast, but they are all excellent.
The split bolder almost looks like a frog from a certain angle. Those bleached manzanita trees look kind of scary. They would make a great background for a film about the Last Days of Earth (or alternatively The First Days after the formation of the Earth).

The worst thing about COVID is we haven't been able to travel so I really welcome seeing your pictures from State and National Parks out West.

The Florida scenery is a lot of Beach, Sand, Water & Palm Tree (rinse, wash and repeat). Thank you for the pictures. Can see a real difference in your photos from when you started out years ago and I envy your vision and talent (but in a good way).

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