Galerie Ancienne autoroute 80

March 12, 2021  •  5 Comments

Unbeknownst to many there is a nice little gallery along Old Hwy 80 in San Diego's east county. Years ago Hwy 80 was re-routed to the newer, faster, time-saving Interstate 8 and thus the little gallery fell into disrepair.  You may still visit Le Galerie if you're willing to take some time and possibly bushwhack thru some sage and mesquite. Well worth the effort, I'd say.  Here then, are some examples of the art to be found at Galerie Ancienne autoroute 80.

GalleryGallerySan Diego County, CA
Galerie Ancienne Autoroute 80
San Diego County

Skunk SaysSkunk SaysSan Diego County, CA
Skunk et fenêtre
San Diego County

From the Eastern Gallery wall looking west we are surprised to find a Pink Flamingo! Pink FlamingoPink FlamingoSan Diego County, CA Flamant rose
San Diego County

San Diego County, CA
Art Nouveau
The Gallery West Wall

Lady in WaitingLady in WaitingSan Diego County, CA A Lady in Waiting
San Diego County

And finally, the pièce de résistance, the Mona Lisa of Old Highway 80
Mona Lisa of the HighwayMona Lisa of the HighwaySan Diego County, CA
Mona Lisa of the Highway
San Diego County

A detailed look
Mona Lisa of the Higway (Detail)Mona Lisa of the Higway (Detail)San Diego County, CA
Mona Lisa of the Highway (Detail)

The art here is nothing like you'll find in stuffy, hoity-toity museums.  This open air museum is very welcoming and touching the art is encouraged. I was able to spend 30 minutes or more completely alone: no museum guards, no snooty matrons or 6th grade tour groups.  Just me and the people's art. 



Todd Henson(non-registered)
It's fascinating the range of work there, from stylized text to life-like paintings. Very cool find, and nicely captured. This might be a strange question, but I often wonder it about these sorts of places: Did you find any remains of the roof? I wonder if it was torn down at some point or just blew away long ago. The photos didn't seem to show any indication of it just collapsing inside the building. Thanks for sharing these, Joe!
Tom Dills(non-registered)
The eastern end of US-80 is in Tybee Island, GA, just south and east of Savannah. On a recent visit there we noted a sign below the US-80 highway marker that said "My Other End is in San Diego." While we may not actually travel the whole route we have long viewed "the other end" in San Diego as a place we definitely want to visit. Great photos of an interesting place. A location to return to under varying conditions, I should think.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
I just loved this post and your images. Yes, it is nothing like I imagined with your title. I think you found a trove of great art. Love the Mona Lisa painting, a great work of art. Street artists are quite a group and see some really great work on twitter. Nothing wrong with the pet skunk, either.
I’ve always thought there were many talented street artist that don’t get the recognition they deserve.. That Mona Lisa of the Highway in point! I’d love to visit the Old Highway 80 in person one day. Thanks for making the effort to so beautifully share these finds here, Joe.
Dave Miller(non-registered)
Very cool Joe. Erica would love to check it out.
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