Paso Minimalism

April 15, 2021  •  9 Comments

Ranchland PortraitRanchland PortraitPaso Robles, California
Ranchland Portrait
Paso Robles, California

I was fortunate to have a lush and close fog the second morning in Paso Robles.  Ranchland Portrait is probably my favorite of the 2 mornings I was out. I think the soft palette juxtaposed with the rugged and aging structure makes for a nice composition. 

Paso Minimalism
Paso Robles, California

We can debate whether the above image deserves a minimalism moniker. It was what came to mind while I stood in the road setting up the tripod and now I can't escape it. It's not truly minimalist though, is it? It has many elements: texture hard and soft, curves, verticals and horizontals, colors, sky and earth; emotions of loneliness, freedom, ownership; the barbed wire fence carries a sense of protectiveness, exclusion, and inclusion.  No, not very minimalist at all. 

Yes, it's another fence line isn't it
Paso Robles, California

Meadow in Fog
Paso Robles, California

Hehe, yeah, a fence
Paso Robles, California


Linda Grashoff(non-registered)
I'm especially fond of the first photo, Ranchland Portrait, partly because of all the space you left around the structure. I would have gone in closer, and I would have been wrong. Thanks for the lesson. You've made such good use of the fog—and the fences.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
Ah, yes, fog really does offer up a bit of magic to be weaved into photographs. Glad you were there to create these. The first two are my favorites. Nice and soft and simple, even if not minimalist (though there's still room for debate on that). :-)
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
I agree, the Meadow in Fog has something missing. Could be the fence.

I would class them all in the minimalist category, according to my definition. My favorite is number two, Paso Mountain. Love the lines in the image. Keeps me within the frame, holds me there.

Not sure where in Maine you two are moving to but you may miss these open spaces.
Who doesn't love a good fog...except when it's my brain first thing in the morning, and I'm trying to be coherent. If forced, I would also have to pick
Ranchland Portrait as the one. But they are all fine photos and would qualify as minimalism, in my opinion.

I, too, admire a fence line, but my view of them might extend beyond most. I grew up on a cattle farm, so checking, repairing, and building fences was a weekly chore. My first thought in viewing your second image, Paso Minimalism, was that the post seemed to be set a little too far apart and that cattle could easily push their head through the fence, stretching and loosening the wire. You know what they say; you can take the boy out of the farm but... :-)

Have a great weekend.
Cool photos.
As far as the definition of minimalism, I am not versed in what the criteria are except I usually know when I see it.
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