Hollenbeck Spring

April 01, 2021  •  6 Comments

Hollenbeck CanyonHollenbeck CanyonHollenbeck Canyon, San Diego County, California Leaving Hollenbeck Canyon 
Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area, Jamul, California

I took a nice hike with my fellow photographer Alex and a new acquaintance Lawrence.  Alex wanted to show Lawrence Hollenbeck's elfin forest area, a small woodland of oaks in an area of mostly meadows and grassy knolls. Hollenbeck is my local spot but both Alex and Lawrence have to travel a bit to get here which says something about its attractiveness photographically.  The hills were green and lush as seen above but that won't last for too much longer unless we get another storm to pass through. In a month they'll be a nice toasty brown. 
Since I've been there so much I tried to find new views and places to aim my camera.  I came out with a few I like but nothing incredibly new.  

Bowed and BrokenBowed and BrokenHollenbeck Canyon, San Diego County, California Bowed and Broken
Hollenbeck Canyon, California
Morning light and OakMorning light and OakHollenbeck Canyon, San Diego County, California
Oak with Morning Sun
Hollenbeck Canyon
Fence Posts and HillFence Posts and HillHollenbeck Canyon, San Diego County, California
Fenceposts and Hill
Hollenbeck Canyon

Stalking the MoonStalking the MoonHollenbeck Canyon, San Diego County, California
Stalking the Moon
Hollenbeck Canyon 

Lawrence and Alex Seeking Elfin Light
Hollenbeck Canyon


Todd Henson(non-registered)
It's great you all were able to get out there and enjoy the weather and scenery. And I had to laugh at Alex's comment about catching them mid stride. :-) I love those patches of yellow blooms scattered throughout the green.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
The first image and the hill and fencepost images are my favorites. It is good to connect with friends with similar interests and share time in nature. Glad you were able to share this spot of yours with them. That is a gift!
Lynn Wohlers(non-registered)
Hi Joe, I got here from Alex's blog. Though I live in the Pacific Northwest, I do love the desert, too, and I very much enjoy your view of this location. I love "Oak with Morning Sun" - it's very intimate but still shows the context. The dead-on symmetry of the hill and fenceposts is appealing and the drama of the moon under the old stalk is wonderful. Finally, it's fun to see Alex & Lawrence walking down the trail - that helps round out the story. Thank you!
Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
PS: bonus points for the excellent "mid stride" timing in the photo of Lawrence & me. :)
Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
That is an interesting and very unexpected selection of images. All "very Joe" of course but even seeing you stopping here and there to make images, I would not have expected these results. I hope I'll have mine online in a little bit. :)
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