Bodie redux

May 01, 2021  •  8 Comments

The Path
Bodie State Park, California

     When I find I have no new photographs to work on and yet I still have the urge to produce something I'll dig into the archives in search of ideas. I open Lightroom, click on Photographs (which is the entire on-line catalogue) and start paging through hoping for something to call out to me. Today, I stopped in Bodie State Park in northern California.  Katherine and I visited in 2018 for a couple of hours on our way to a cycling tour in Bend, Oregon. I have already worked through all that I thought of as 'good' images and posted them in a past blog.  But, and I do this often, I tend to find other little nuggets that for some reason escaped my attention or I became bored working on abandoned buildings and wooden decay. Either way I stopped there this morning and came away with a few more that I've come to appreciate.

Here ya' go



Linda Grashoff(non-registered)
Your photographs of the wheel, the basket, and the chair and table: the light was such a strong partner in their creation, and you worked beautifully together.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
I have a similar process where I sometimes look back through past shoots searching for new potential. I think your collection here shows the value of such exercises. :-)
Very very nice Joe. Bodie is such an endless treasure trove.
I too have found the same thing - that images I had passed over when I first looked at them speak differently or newly when looked at again.
Monte is right: that wheel is superb in the way it comes out from the shadows!
Those photos are real Americana. I kind of half expected to see John Steinbeck sitting with his Grandmother on a porch swing watching over that old truck.

When I see photographs like these I always wonder about the people who lived there, built the house, drove (or perhaps pushed) the old truck. Why did they choose to settle there? What did they do to earn a living? The ground looks pretty sandy, not fertile soil at all. The type of dirt that makes for good dust clouds when the wind starts blowing.

Where are the people now ? They are long gone. Did they die, turn to dust and the gusts of wind blew them away?
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